Empathy Zone - Counselling that inspires

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Empathy Zone - Redefining Counselling

Welcome to Empathy Zone therapeutic counselling service. My name is Peter Ryan and I am a MBACP (Accred) Counsellor/Psychotherapist abiding by their Ethical Framework. I have over a decade of experience working empathically, ethically and safely.

I established Empathy Zone to support individuals in resolving traumatic experiences. What inspired me to start my own practice was the desire to offer those who struggle with painful feelings and complex emotions a more empathic focus in overcoming blocks to change.

Empathy Zone is first and foremost a safe and non-judgemental listening environment. During a unique counselling process clients are surrounded by an atmosphere of unshakable acceptance, safety and deep hope. This is the basis on which all my therapeutic encounters are rooted, unfold and flourish. Empathy Zone is the portal through which greater discovery, understanding and acceptance of clients' emerging Self is encouraged to integrate.


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I have supported adults and young people to lead more rewarding lives, in the spirit of cultivating an empathic way of being. For a deeper insight and appreciation of the therapeutic effectiveness of empathic communication, you are invited to read my published articles:

2nd October has been chosen as the INTERNATIONAL DAY FOR EMPATHIC ACTION. In my counselling practice EMPATHY always has its day.

The theoretical foundations of the Person-Centered Approach (PCA) were laid by Carl Rogers more than 60 years ago.
Neuroscientific research findings support his theories to a remarkably high degree.

*Lux, M. (December 2010). The Magic of Encounter: The Person-Centered Approach and the Neurosciences. Person-Centered & Experimental Psychotherapies, Volume 9, number 4, 274.