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Peter thank you for sharing freely with me your vibrancy and honesty. Oct’07

I really like you positive attitude Peter and ability to take risks. Dec’07

There are lots of things I could say Peter – but THANK YOU! Says it all. Mar’ 08

Thank you for your expert art of listening and understanding. I felt so natural with you as my counsellor. Jul'08

I always felt safe in your company and could talk to you about anything. Feb’09

Getting to know me and accept who I might become has being difficult at times, you made me feel important. Thanks. Apr’09

I really like your honesty and ability to go where I needed to be met and though at times it felt like dangerous ground, throughout you held and maintained appropriate boundaries. It is only by risking going too far that you find out how far you can really go…and we got there. Sept’10

Thank you for being with me for the last year. Nov’10

Your counselling rocks. Rock on. May’11

Thank you for all the help you have given me it was really great having you as my counsellor all the best. Jan’12

Thank you for all your help and support it has not only helped me but my mum too. Thank – you for working with/from your heart. Aug’13

You really helped me work on some important issues, some of which have been haunting me for years. Not sure, how you did it, you just seemed to tune-in and bounce back, it felt like you unlocked something…key feelings and themes. May’ 14

I hope lots of other clients will get to benefit from you natural warmth, clarity, insight and honesty. Mar’13