My name is Peter Ryan and I am a Therapeutic Counsellor MBACP (Accred) abiding by BACP Ethical Framework. Qualified in 2008, I earned my accreditation in 2019, which recognises my capacity for independent, ethical and competent practice. It also demonstrates that I have achieved high standards of therapeutic knowledge, experience and development.

About me

How We Will Work

We will, first and foremost, work together because counselling works best in a relationship, where client’s reactions and counsellor’s responses evolve into an optimal engagement.
My non-judgemental, empathic communication will accompany you on every aspect of your counselling journey. I will support and encourage a process to enable you to explore safely your emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours so that you can understand, embrace and accept them as your own valuable experiences. 

 To make your own therapeutic change possible, you need to know about and, in time, be prepared to embrace, a number of transformational challenges, such as:

  • Being deeply listened to

  • Finding your own voice

  • Hearing yourself

  • Getting in touch with your senses

  • Experiencing yourself

  • Staying in touch with and expressing your feelings and emotions

  • Understanding your avoidance/denial processes

  • Developing and trusting your intuition

Person - Centred Approach

The theoretical foundations of the Person-Centred Approach (PCA) were laid by Carl Rogers more than 60 years ago. Neuroscientific research findings support his theories to a remarkably high degree.
I am a seasoned therapeutic counsellor practising in the effectiveness of the PCA to therapy. It is my preferred modality because its organismic and relational aspects resonate deeply with me. As phrased by Keith Tudor and Mike Worral, person-centred practice is, in its nature, organic rather than mechanical, seminal rather than technical.

Person-Centred Approach

An empathic way of being is both, intuitive scout and intelligence officer, allowing me to roam widely and map the confused terrain, while remaining emotionally present to the "sphere of immediacy"...
  • "tralalalla" Kasia


  • "pomogło, polecam" Robert


  • "If feels good to be myself" - Paul

Person-Centred Approach to Counselling


  • "Thanks you for all your help & support. Thank you for working from your heart." S.
  • "There are lots of things I could say Peter - but thank you says it all." M.
  • "Thank you for your expert art of listening and understanding. I felt so natural with you as my counsellor." M.
  • "You really helped me work on some important problems, some of which have been haunting me for years. Not sure how you did it, you just seemed to tune-in and bounce back. It felt like you unlocked something. I'm really greateful and I feel lighter and so much more positive about my relationships." H.
  • "I have made so many positive changes in my life since my therapy with you.  All of the understanding you gave me has helped me to move forward." L.
  • "Peter and I have worked together for 5 years. These weekly sessions have been a light in the dark for me, a point of steadiness and healing when things fell apart, and an encouraging foundation from which to grow and celebrate the successes along the way. The most poignant success that I never thought would be possible when we started, is a connection to my core, to myself, to my feeling where there was only numbness. Peter made this possible with his unwavering gentle and kind presence. This strong container was held through layers of grief, pain and broken-ness. On the other side were miracles and new life emerging. Reclaiming fragments and lost parts of myself, becoming more whole, more vital and alive.  The transformation made possible by Peter’s work is nothing short of profound. I am deeply grateful for this opportunity and for Peter’s great gift of empathy and presence." M.

  • "Peter gives you the space to explore ideas and concepts of who you are and how you feel without judgement. His gentle questions and impartial responses give great insight into difficult thoughts and memories. Sessions are relaxed and unhurried, and leave you lighter than when they began. An exorcising experience." J.

  • "Sessions with Peter changed my life and I really don't miss the old one!
    Peter has a real gift for helping broken souls that goes way beyond academic training. I would not be able to recommend him enough. Peter, thank you so much.
    This planet needs more people like you!" A.

  • "I have been working with Peter Ryan for the past year. He has walked with me over difficult emotional terrain and has proved himself to be a rare breed of therapist, an empathetic therapist who listens and responds with great warmth, wisdom and humour. He is unlike any psychologist I have met and I feel very thankful to, as he describes "walk with him". I dearly recommend Peter to anyone who seeks a human therapist who helps heal agonies and transform them with his own brand of human warmth and empathy." LKS.

  • "Peter puts his heart and soul into his work. He has a warm and approachable manner. He uses these qualities to create an atmosphere where you are able to talk openly and share your soul's feelings knowing you won't be judged and he will treat your feelings with the utmost sensitivity and respect. His empathic listening skills enable him to be alongside you in the room, knowing you are safe and supported during the therapy work. Peter has no airs and graces which makes it easy to open up to him. A rare find in what is becoming a cold and clinical profession. Highly recommend him." S.

  • "Peter has limitless patience, endless empathy and always creates a very safe empowering space. He has the courage to stay with you through your struggles while always making you feel you're in control - I always say 'I'm the driver, but he's the navigator'. Peter has helped me through some very dark stuff and never once looked away, flinched or wavered in his gentleness. I can not sing his praises loudly enough." L.L.
  • "Thanks Peter. You have really sorted me out. I'll never forget that. You've made such a wounded soul whole again and I'm forever grateful to you. Yes, I wouldn't be here if it weren't for you." SD


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