About Me


I identify myself as an empathic, engaging and competent therapeutic counsellor with a natural talent for sensitively exploring traumatic experiences. I feel privileged that my work allows me to accompany people in their journey through vulnerability. That privilege is complemented by my confidence in the power of empathy, which enables me to engage safely with complex dynamics underpinning psychological and emotional processes. I deeply value the empathic requirements of my work and I love the challenge of establishing, offering and maintaining unique empathic connections. Empathy is life-affirming and its power can make my clients (and me) feel alive.

The development of a person-centred practitioner is about cultivating an empathic way of being with others. Be assured, the alignment of my natural and professional qualities via reflective practice has spawned my depth of empathic confidence. Reflective practice continues to inform, critically examine and enhance my competence in practising person-centred style. Moreover, reflective practice deepens intuitive intelligence drawn from the core of my organism while working within an ethical framework of accountability.

I find rooting my professional focus within the natural organism refreshingly freeing. Trust in my visceral promptings supports movement towards a deeper attentive listening experience. It has taken years of exposure to various clients' expressions, reflective practice and "deep domain-specific knowledge", to calibrate my presence in such a sensitive fashion.

What's also extremely important to me is to practise within a disciplined format of accountability, functioning boundaries and ethical obligations, while championing freedom, creativity and maintaining a non-judgemental stance.

Peter Ryan
Outside my counselling life, I am a partner, parent and grandparent. I enjoy reading history books, walking, listening to music and, of course, spoiling my five grandchildren!